Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sepang Track Day

Last Sunday, 21st Feb 2010, was my 1st experience driving in Sepang International Circuit.. Luckily only about 30 cars participated on that Track Day session.. maybe due to the increasing fees from RM200 to RM300 per car..

Obviously, a LOT improvement have to be done to my car.. i have to slow down everytime entering corner, otherwise will experience under steer thus low torque when exiting corner.. my next project will be a chassis strengthening.. fender bar, front lower bar, c pillar bar, maybe all aftermarket bars available for EK will be on my wish list.. slick tyres and adjustable coilovers also a must to improve handling..

Next track day session will be held in August.. expecting more participant as track cars will be prepping their machines for Merdeka Race.. See ya!

Type One?
my favourite
Haluan Kiribefore
after 2 laps
end of session.. :(

Monday, February 15, 2010

my car with CE28N on

Jun's DC5

This is the first time NIKON VTEC featuring a DC5.. this car belongs to a friend of mine, Jun.. Photoshoot was done at Masjid Sultan Mizan aka masjid besi, Putrajaya along with Ryn's and my car.. after a few shots, i took this car for a test drive around Putrajaya.. cool... thanks Jun..

Honda Integra DC5 K20A
TODA header with custom 2.5" piping
5Zigen Bordermax muffler
RRC intake manifold with bored throttle body
SKUNK2 Fuel Rail
Password:JDM Dry Carbon Power Chamber Intake
SAMCO hoses
Hondata K100
Mugen front strut bar
M&M Honda C pillar bar
Cusco antirollbar
Ultra Racing rear lower bar
Volk Racing 17" CE28N
J's Racing front rotor with EBC pads
Mugen hood
Custom front lips, side skirt diffuser
INGS+1 rear lip


launch control!

Ryn's EK4

Hizryn's UKDM EK4
AEM cold air intake

Type R intake manifold
421 header
2.3" piping with bordermax 304
Spoon SW388 wheels
TOYO R1R tyres
BB4 front rotor with caliper
Spoon front and rear strut bars
monkey bar

the rest, let the pictures speak for themselves..enjoy

Volk Racing CE28N

Hi all,

Finally I managed to get this super rare forged monoblock BLACK VOLK RACING CE28N!! with the size of 15"x7jj +43 on the front and 15"x6.5jj +45 for the rear, this set is perfect for my EK and also my dream wheels since i was born.. hehe.. all inside decals and RAYS valve stem still intact and in good condition.. The rear set weighs 3.6Kgs while the wider front set weighs 4Kgs.. I can't show these wheels on my scale because i can't get a precise weight.. need to change to the digital weight scale :)

inside specs decals, valve stem and outside decalsrear setfront setthis image has been censored due to the extreme expression


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