Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

All Blacks Sold

1th November 2010, my beloved car was finally sold.. To Azizi from Terengganu, please take a very good care of her just like what I did it for the past 5 years.. It was hard for me, my wife and my Alia to let her go that night and seeing her driven away by strangers was very painful.. Then I realized that I have had a very sweet memory with her since I own her and now is the time to let her go.

I have give so much effort, spent a lot of money and time to upgrade the engine, change the interior and exterior, put the best wheels and tires on her and bla bla bla.. it's all about passion in motorsports.. what to do, I dont have any choice.. I have to let someone else to continue what I have started.. Life must goes on.. maybe its time to upgrade to a better car... or maybe a sport car... or maybe a family car... or maybe it doesn't have to end up by buying a car or what ever la.. I am going to buy a house soon.. so please don't ask what's my next ride.. I don't have plan yet.. not for the time being at least.. InsyaAllah, if the time has come and if the financial permits, it must be another H.. yes, a HONDA..


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