Saturday, September 12, 2009

aluminium radiator..

hi all,

today i've upgrade my OEM to an aftermarket aluminium radiator.. a PnP wor
k using same mount at the bottom and still use my spoon radiator stay to hold the radiator.. only the factory fan fitting got some problem.. i have to use cable ties to hold the fan at the bottom as the new radiator required bolts.. on the upper, only the left side bolted perfectly, as u can see in the pictures.. normal la, its an aftermarket, what do you expect.. maybe i have to change to an aftermarket fan also.. slim, lightweight, perhaps perfect fit.. found FAL brand, nice but too expensive.. better use this OEM fan at the moment.. sigh

this is not only an appearance upgrade as u all know that aluminium radiator will increase cooling capacity and reduce operation temperatures.. but after installed it, my bay looks much better than before.. hehe.. this easy pnp installation took me 1 hour to finish everything.. :)

oh ya, my Type-D Spoon radiator cap doesnt suit this type of radiator.. i'll have to use
Type-F one.. next upgrade maybe..

2 layers inside
bottom fan fitment
before vs after

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Fasting!

On this full of barakah month, I would like to wish all muslims Happy Fasting and Happy Hari Raya
This year, i'm celebrating Ramadhan and Syawal as a husband and father :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


hi all,

my friends always ask me whether CF or FRP to choose.. here are some pros n cons on both material..

FRP - Fibreglass-Reinforced Plastic
FRP is similar to plastic, but with reinforced fibers for added rigidity.. It's become increasingly popular with the aftermarket, especially the knock-off companies.. But beware, although FRP is known to be much stronger than fibreglass, lower quality versions are prone to snap on impact.. lightweight and could be color-match

CF - Carbon Fiber
By far the most popular among the Honda crowd, CF is extremely lightweight.. Though it's known for its strength, a CF lip will crack and fray upon impact.. even the expensive, high-ends one.. prepare for the worst, most lips and low-slung bumpers won't last forever on a lowered Honda..

For me, i rather choose FRP if i could found C-West one.. but CF for SPOON :)
since i've sold my CF hood a few months back, it's better for me to save for the best to come..


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