Thursday, July 16, 2009

Mat's ride : new face

hi all,

a few weeks back, mat had involved in a small accident with a Toyota Unser.. his right headlamp broken, also the right fender and front bumper crashed.. and i think its the right time for him to feed his ride with a legit '98 EK9 face.. he got titanium headlamp and bumper with grill still attached for RM800.. believe it or not, the price will become pricier from day to day.. yeah.. rock the rare '98..

coming soon, Cikgu Fizi's rides! tungguuuuuu (lagi..)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

modified muffler

hi geng,

since this muffler doesn't sound too loud and my neighbours never complaint ab
out it, i've decided to continue using it.. until i get another set of brand new Spoon N1 muffler.. hehe.. due to the track-car-looks or sometimes people see it like ahbeng, i've done minor modification on it.. I never like that original piping design.. the muffler tip pointing upwards.. maybe it looks nice on other cars but not on EK.. sorry J's Racing...

once again, i give the responsibility to akub at Torque Gear Sunway to work on the piping.. the same person who made the extension on my Spoon B-pipe and also polished my header.. the original piping have been cut into several pieces and after doing some calculation and measurement, all the pieces were welded again.. see below picture.. after straighten it, i dont feel any different on the performance and also sound the same.. the argon welding cost me RM100 and i'm satisfied with their works..

before vs after
argon welding on original piping


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