Tuesday, June 23, 2009

mini gath @ Shah Alam Stadium

Hi all,

some pics from last mini gath at Shah Alam Stadium..

future mama

Saturday, June 6, 2009

EK9 98 Grille


Finally i got what i 've been seeking for a very long time.. the EK9 98 front grill.. damn hard to get this piece of shit.. rare and extinct species :) not like the-bersepah 99 spec.. since i'm a pre-facelift EK die hard fan, still put an effort to find it..
normally people sell it complete with the bumper with ridiculous price.. definitely more than 99 spec's price.. damn.. credit to cikgu who found me this grill.. he got complete set, sell me the grill and he keeps the bumper.. win win situation.. :)

as i have no budget for painting, i do-it-myself with spray can jerr.. save & affordable.. luckily its black..
no need to mix n match colour.. temporarily, ok laa.. waiting budget to paint the whole car (next 1 or 2 years hehe).. this damn grill completed the EK9 98 spec looks.. akhirnya sempurnaaa...

thanks again to cikgu.. he also own 2 doors EK.. also layan 98 spec gak.. he's a teacher (dah nama pon cikgu)
.. also part time halfcut runner.. his car will be in this blog soon.. tungguuu... (apekejadahnye aku merepek nii..)

previous grille.. local made (99 design)
have to remove the bumper to put the grill on complete EK9 98 (headlamp, bumper, lips, grille)

Friday, June 5, 2009


In 2001, Spoon opened "Speed Shop Type-One" across the street from the Spoon headquarters. This shop specializes in modifications to Honda's "Type-R" vehicles and other performance oriented Honda's which include the Civic Type-R, Integra Type-R, Accord Euro-R and NSX-R. However, Spoon has also modified non-R vehicles like the Civic SiR, Honda S2000, Honda Legend and the Honda Fit/Jazz.

Type-One is Ichishima's vision of how a Spoon Sports dealer should be. And that vision is the offer of a "complete tuned car, not just individual parts thrown in without consideration of whether they will work in harmony or simply interfere with each other." Also, Ichishima wants to make it known this shop was not created to sell parts, but to provide customers with Type-One's installation skills and know-how of Spoon products.


yes, they still build 97 E-EK9 :)

Type One's new toy

Thursday, June 4, 2009

70th UiTM Convocation

halo geng,

Hari Rabu lepas, 3 Jun 2009, aku g UiTM sempena hari konvo adik ip
ar aku yg bername Abun (bukan name sebenar).. die grad diploma engineering.. skang ni sambung degree pon kat UiTM.. xde pic best pon dapat aku snap kat sane.. maybe lokasi kurang menarik, maybe xsempat nak cari port baek, or maybe aku malassss.. hehe

Dewan konvo kat atas bukit.. nak cari parking satu hal punye susah.. 3 4 kali gak la pusing naik bukit turun bukit.. bagi graduan ngan parents, ade tempat parking khas kat 'Pintu Belakang'.. pastu diorg akan dibawak pergi ke dewan konvo naik bas UiTM.. sian aku tgk makcik2 tu naik ba
s.. dah la panas terik.. nasibla konvo ni buat time cuti sem.. kalo tak, mesti lagi serabut.. haihhh...

Congratulation Abun!

abun, mak & abah
abun & sisters0rang besi


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